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Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump, Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump with back pack, Nuture III Double Electeric Breast Pump and Ameda Breast Pump Dual HygieniKit are here ready to ship. You will find each of the breast pump and breast pump Dual HygieniKit by scrolling to the bottom of this page. Ameda breast pumps offers Pure Comfort, Efficiency and "Pure Milk" with the HygieniKit Milk Collection System. Each Ameda Breast Pump includes the HygieniKit Milk Collection System as a standard component. The collection system included with the Ameda Breast Pump Kit incorporates a unique product design and silicone diaphragm that prevents milk from backing up into the tubing creating an impenetrable barrier that protects your collected breast milk from smoke, airborne particles, bacteria and viruses. Because the diaphragm prevents milk backup, there is little or no maintenance. Ameda Breast Pump HygieniKit is the only system that has obtained FDA clearance. Your can rest assured that your baby's milk is the purest milk possible.

Each Ameda Breast Pump offers Pure Comfort by allowing the nursing mother to adjust the Breast Pump settings to fit her needs as the baby grows and matures. These breast pumps provides (8) adjustable suction settings and (4) adjustable cycle speeds.

Ameda Breast Pumps also offer the option of single or time saving dual pumping. Breast milk may be pumped directly into bottles or freezer bags. The Ameda Breast Pump is equipped with 2 built-in holders that will hold either container, reducing the possiblilty of spilling your breast milk. An added value of the Ameda Breast Pump is that accessories included with your kit, 6 clear bottles and 3 cooler freezer packs, fit neatly into the insulated compartments of your tote pack. Breast Pump freezer pack compartment safely cools and stores collected milk up to 10 hours.

These Breast Pumps clearly offers pure efficiency. Ameda Breast Pump kits has 3 power sources - AC adapter, car adapter or AA batteries. And because the Ameda Breast Pump only weighs 1 pound, it is the most lightweight electric breast pump system available.

If you are looking for parts, click on the Double HygieniKit below. Usually, if you are looking for one part, it is time to replace everything and the Dual HygineiKit kit includes everything from the pump out to the bottle..

Please take the time to compare breast pumps and we are certain your choice will be the Ameda Breast Pump - Truly Yours or the Nurture III priced to fit your budget. Click on the breast pump images or links provided below for more individual breast pump information.

Purely Yours with Carry All

Purely Yours with Backpack

Nurture III Breast Pump

Dual HygieniKit

Breast Feeding Pump by Ameda Model 17070

Ameda Single HygieniKit Model 17111